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Press Release February 2005

For Immediate Release

e-MailUs Launches New Email Security Message Service

e-MailUs, the "new kid on the block" in email messenging security has launched it's front-line website "e-MailUs Secure Message Systems" [] which will bring relief to webmasters and individuals from unsolicited commercial email (spam). The amount of spam reaching email accounts is skyrocketing and e-MailUs will give that much needed rest from the need to discard unwanted email messages. e-MailUs identified a specific need among all sorts of email users and developed an on-line system to protect email addresses and keep them private.

"Spam was an ever increasing threat to my privacy and available computer time," said e-MailUs founder Graham Clarke.
"I searched the internet looking for something, not just to filter or block spam, but to stop it from being sent to me. But there was nothing!" he said.

Have you ever read those internet ads "Earn money from surfing the internet" and wondered what you had to do to earn all that cash? Gather email addresses ofcourse! YOURS! Who knows how much money people get but once your email address has been located, copied and pasted you're in!

"I needed a secure email box," said Mr Clarke.

"Sealing up mailboxes is difficult but I needed relief and so too did my associates. All of us were spending far too much time deleting bogus emails and times' money, they say. But our email addresses were splattered all over our websites. Just waiting to be harvested," Graham said. And so... they came to be gathered.

To save his sanity Graham set about designing a system that stands between email mailboxs and the world. e_mailUs is not a filter and its not really a blocker - its more of a deterant - it lives on the internet and comprises a form (to be filled in) and a send button (to be pressed). It's that simple. Without a collectable email address, and in time, an account holder's email address will fade out of existance (Sources say that it takes 10 months or more for an email address to drop from lists). By changing an email address and allowing e-MailUs to secure it the effect is instantaneous!

The on-line e-MailUs system cannot be accessed using an email program as that would demand installing software on a computer. To create an email a surfer has to use a web address (instead of an email address). Something like: From here the message is composed and forwarded to the account holder's mailbox without the sender ever knowing the email address. If a recipient needs to reply to the email it's a quick trip to e-MailUs to compose and send a reply. Again, preserving the privacy of the account holder's email address.

The e-MailUs software contains multiple anti-spam techniques designed to deter spammers from sending even one email. "IP Identification" determines and displays a sender's IP address before the send button is pressed. "Referrer blocking" stops unauthorized forms from accessing the e-MailUs server. "Double Click Inhibit" stops the sender pressing the send button multiple times. and the "Form Activation Code" allows real people to send an email but stops spiders/bots.


If you've been on the internet as long as we have you'll know most of the problems. Everyone wants a piece of everyone. His compeditor starts gathering info so he has to too. First, it's a few email addresses he collects. Then someone offers a mailing list for a few dollars. Then, it's cookies - those innocent little files that live on your computer holding your username and password because... well, they were so honest, did'nt want to compromise your privacy, they said.

Some enterprising fellow, with endless hours of free time and a computer, works out that cookies can send back all sorts of info about you, even gather keypresses if necessary, and spyware is born. Adware soon follows. Now, you've got people gathering your email address, spyware sending out what you're doing on the internet and adware sending you advertisements to match your lifestyle.

More information on e-MailUs and our overall approach to anti spam can be found at:

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