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Stop spam reaching my inbox

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What is e-MailUs?

Are you tired of getting SPAM ? (unsolicited email)

Most software solutions, even spam blockers, still make you wade through unsolicited email spam selecting this and deleting that. Whether you check your email for spam before it reaches your computer or after it lodges in your inbox you still have to waste time sorting it all out.

How would you like NO SPAM at all?

We can secure your email address from spam

e-MailUs is a web-access, form-based, email forwarding system which stands between you and the people sending you email spam. Our forms keep your email address private and spam free stopping people and crawlers/bots/spiders collecting your email address for mass mailing lists, spam and other unscrupulous reasons.

We can secure the email addresses of:

  • Businesses and website owners who need visitor feedback from the internet but do not want to display an email address that can be collected and spammed.     How...

  • Anyone who wants to keep their email address confidential.
  • Everyone tired of a spam, spam, spam filled mailbox.      How...
  • Free 1 Month Trial Sign up for a PLAN with PayPal and get your first month free with NO obligation to continue. ie. you will be asked to pay at the end of your free month for your selected plan.
  • Fast NO software to install - Use your current browser (IE, Netscape, Firefox etc.). Form to email delivery within seconds (depends mostly on your Service Provider). Downloadable pre-made forms.
  • Unlimited form submissions NO missed emails from being in the wrong plan.
  • Access Read/Reply to your email anywhere in the world wherever you connect to the internet.
  • NO housekeeping No filtering. NO false positives. NO need to set up rules. NO need to quarantine, mark, redirect, or bounce undesirable mail. NO need for white or black lists.
  • NO relay abuse Only authorized Domains can relay through e-MailUs servers. Prevents spammers from exploiting e-MailUs servers to send their email.
  • NO viruses Attachments are not currently supported. The e-MailUs text format inhibits scripts.
  • Compatibility Use your current email program. Html used for forms. Browser used for replys.
  • NO upgrades You will never need or have to pay for an upgrade. All upgrades occur on e-MailUs servers.
  • Host your own forms Put your own visitor email form on your website. Customise your form to match your website.
Join Us!
...and take back control of your email for a low US$2.00 per month.
Why Us!

We had email spam and junk mail problems ourselves so we created e-MailUs for us.

Now, we offer it to you with easy to use forms (or you can create your own). We make it impossible for spammers and bots to see or get your email address.

e-MailUs is inexpensive & effective.

No long contracts - pay monthly, if you wish, for as long as you want your email address protected.

We use PayPal for all our financial transactions.
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Stop spam reaching my computer
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