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Securing Your Visible Email Address

The Email Problem

As a website owner it's only logical that you would like visitor feedback. The simplest way is to put the email address right there on the page for visitors to do with what they please.

But this method is not very user friendly - it's not clickable! A visitor needs to copy and paste the address into the 'To' field of an email. The most used method is to visually hide the email address on the page with a link.

ie. Email Me!
Although the visitor cannot see the email address on the page it can be easily discovered by viewing the source code of the page in a browser.

ie. <A HREF="">Email Me!</A>
Both of these two methods (and many others) cannot actually hide an email address, they just make it difficult to see.

The e-MailUs Method

The e-MailUs System does not use any of these methods. It removes the email address from the webpage altogether and replaces it with a link. A link to the e-MailUs website where e-MailUs processes your visitor for you. We give you an account number and turn your email into a "Swiss Email Account" (much like some Swiss bank accounts which are numbered accounts not named accounts).

The e-MailUs link looks like this:

ie. <A HREF="">Email Me!</A>
Now your email address has gone - completely gone! - no-one can find it on your page because it's not there!

The e-MailUs Process

The visitor feedback process goes like this: Your visitor clicks on the e-MailUs link on your website. e-MailUs presents your visitor with a short form which once filled in is sent to you for reading. At this point, assuming you wish to reply, you can do so normally through your own email system which discloses your email address or you can go to e-MailUs to compose your secure reply. When you reply from e-MailUs your email address remains private.

Getting to e-MailUs is easy. You can go to or you can click on the "login" link in the footer of the visitor email sent to you from e-MailUs. Once you are signed in to your account you can READ, REPLY, or DELETE your visitor's email. Everything remains secure especially your email address.

Watcha gunna do?

Please Note:

Signing up with a brand-new, not-yet seen email address will afford you instantaneous email protection from SPAM and other unwanted email.

Signing up with an already compromised email address will NOT give you instant relief from SPAM and unwanted email. It is estimated that it may take 10 months or more for an email address to drop out of bulk mailing lists. Consideration should be given to getting a new email address from your Internet Service Provider and discarding the old compromised one.

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