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How do I get the FREE Trial?

The process is the same for both the FREE Trial and Signing Up. If you do not wish to continue after 1 month simply ignore PayPal's invitation to pay for your selected payment period.

How do I Sign Up?

1. To sign up and get all the e-MailUs security features you must register with e-MailUs and establish a PayPal account.

We use PayPal for all our financial transactions. PayPal is a secure payment system allowing you to easily send & receive payments online. PayPal utilizes the world's most advanced propriety fraud prevention systems to create a safe, global, real-time payment solution. To find out more "Visit PayPal".

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How much does it cost?

Simply put, e-MailUs costs less than US$1 per week

1 month = US$2.00
1 year    = US$24.00

Where can you get so much piece-of-mind for so little?

You may subscribe for as little as 1 month but remember that once your mailbox is SPAM FREE subscribing on a monthly basis will be a nuisance. You can fortunately, change your subscription period whenever you make a payment.

Where do I start?

1. First, you need to register.

Name: Email:
Registering is FREE & obligation FREE

e-MailUs does NOT accept credit cards

2. Next, visit PayPal

For your convenience we have provided 3 plans - All of which start with your FREE 1 Month Trial.

For Yearly For Half Yearly For Monthly

I don't like Plans!

That's fine by us - but one month is our minimum. All you need do is register and subscribe for one month at a time. When we get advice that you have payed your subscription your account will continue - It's that easy!

Remember: SPAM is a dirty word!

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