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Privacy First

Personal Information

Our mandate is to secure your email. To keep it that way is what e-MailUs is all about. So your privacy is paramount to our business. As an account holder you will have our promise that your details will NEVER be revealed.

We developed the entire e-MailUs Secure System ourselves. Nothing was subcontracted or "farmed out", so there is NO way that your personal email address has or will be disclosed to any third party.


Depending on who you talk to cookies can be a useful tool or an incideous weapon. e-MailUs does NOT use cookies... we don't need them.


Initially, you may see some advertising throughout our public pages (those pages open to the public), such as this page. But once you have logged in we do not want you distracted from your goal - to manage your account - so we will never allow advertising to intrude upon your privacy.

Server Logs

Used sensibly server logs can be useful. Yes, we keep a log of some important actions such as deletions and additions to accounts. This information is used only for resolving problems and disputes and is only stored for a short time then deleted. The duration depends on circumstances. Account holders may, at any time, request to see a copy of their log.


In extraordinary times, such as when we are under direct malicious Internet attack, we may record the data traffic entering our network for the purpose of defending against and curtailing attacks of various sorts. But even then, your privacy is our first priority. No valid traffic will be retained, and permanent records of malicious and deliberately damaging activity will only be retained as specifically required.

We take your privacy and safety seriously.
We will not fail to put them first.

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